Electric vehicle from Switzerland – the Microlino


The headquarters for the launch of the Microlino is located in the tranquil Küsnacht west of Zurich. The Swiss family Ouboter, already known to connoisseurs of the scooter scene through the various micro scooters, had an ingenious idea there a few years ago. Build a small city car for the last mile of the many city dwellers. Wim Ouboter and his sons were therefore not asked twice when the patent for the Isetta, formerly built by BMW, was available.

Because your vehicle should not only convince by technical values. The design of the Microlino electric vehicle is of course reminiscent of the Isetta. Popularly known as the kissing ball, the Microlino definitely seems to appeal to female buyers, but more on this later.

Designed in Switzerland – built in Italy

The vehicle is built by Tazzari in Italy. It is planned, designed and marketed in the tranquil suburb of Zurich, in a parallel street to Lake Zurich. A small, inconspicuous office in the basement of a residential building – just enough space for 10 employees. That is entrepreneurial spirit and pure start-up culture. The spirit behind the Microlino innovation becomes immediately clear in my conversation with Merlin, one of Ouboter’s two sons.

So far, 6,500 Microlino vehicles have been pre-ordered. The Swiss have gained a lot of experience in the process. Because a large number of women order this Microlino. More than 40 percent would like to own the electric vehicle. The really successful design of the two-seater and less the technical details seem to be the decisive factor here.

Microlino customers come from the surrounding area of the big cities. No matter whether at home in Zurich, Munich, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt. Microlino buyers are looking for the electric vehicle for short distances. On the way to the office, on Saturdays to the city market or simply for a stroll for two. Very important: the Microlino can be positioned transversely into the parking space due to its’length’ of 2.40 metres. Thus three Micolinos even fit side by side into a parking space. Getting out directly onto the sidewalk is included.

The electric vehicle for the last mile

But it will be a few months before that happens. The Swiss are rehearsing the series production together with Tazzari. Over the summer, up to 25 vehicles will initially be produced in series. Extensive tests are then carried out and, once these have been completed, actual series production is expected to start in October.

I like the fact that the Microlino team is very careful with its promises at an exact delivery time. Here one has obviously learned from the communication desasters at Tesla.

The connection between the Microlino city vehicle and the scooters built by micro for more than 20 years seems interesting to me. Here, further common possibilities will arise for the transport of the last mile in the cities. A few years ago micro had a cooperation with Peugeot. Here the French car micro scooters were added, which could be loaded directly in the trunk. Comprehensive transport concepts for the city – this is how innovation in Future Mobility works today.

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