TRIPL and LiveCycle Announce Service Partnership in Germany


Two international partners for the supply and service on the last mile have announced their partnership for Germany. The Dutch-based TRIPL and the urban service provider LiveCycle are now cooperating in urban transport.

TRIPL is a unique electric delivery vehicle. It has been built for use in delivery fleets and company fleets and is already being used by DPD, Zalando and individual entrepreneurs such as chimney sweeps or cleaning staff in urban centres.

The electrically operated TRIPL is characterized by a beautiful, slim design that often turns the head of passers-by on the street. Its big plus is the transport volume and the optimal size of the vehicle. With a transport volume of 750 kg, it surpasses conventional cargo bikes. Narrower than an electric car, with greater capacity than an e-bike and a speed of up to 45 km/h, TRIPL is an optimal transporter for the last mile in narrow and busy cities.

In addition to classic delivery services such as DPD, TRIPL is used by a wide variety of companies in the Netherlands and Denmark. From the courier service to the deliverer of purchases in the supermarket. From the delivery of blood preserves to the cleaning staff for sidewalks or company car parks. The most recent example of success is Zalando, which will use TRIPL vehicles for premium shipping at the start in Berlin.

TRIPL and LiveCycle complement each other in urban centers

LiveCycle supports corporate customers with its urban bike service in various major German cities. Founded in 2016 in Munich by Andreas Schmidt and Bastian Scherbeck, the startup provides companies in 7 German cities with bike showrooms and workshops, mobile, fully equipped support vans and services for bicycles, e-bikes and cargo bike fleets.

LiveCycle and TRIPL fit perfectly together from the point of view of both companies. “The TRIPL was already known to us from our first service assignments and impressed us right from the start with its technical structure and versatility,” says Bastian Scherbeck, one of the founders of LiveCycle. “From our point of view, it fills a gap for commercial users. With a speed of 45 km/h in the city, it is fast, emission-free and without parking problems, with a relevant payload and a comprehensive loading volume. Neither the classic Cargo-E-Bike nor conventional vans offer this.”

And so there are two partners here whose complementary range of services will help to make transport over the last mile in the cities emission-free and more efficient.

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