Proterra follows up – own vehicle intelligence system APEX launched


Last week the Californian Proterra announced the entry of Germany’s Daimler and financial investors in a volume of 155 million US dollars. Today, the electric bus manufacturers added to the list. Proterra presents the vehicle intelligence system APEX™ for heavy-duty fleets. Here, digital connectivity becomes the benchmark for the intelligent operation of the fleet.

Today, Proterra, a leading innovator in heavy electric transportation, gave participants at the American Public Transit Association (APTA) Annual Meeting in Nashville an insight into the next level of intelligent, networked electric transportation with the introduction of the Proterra APEX™ networked vehicle intelligence system. With the new APEX™ system, Proterra transit operator customers across North America can access historical and real-time information about the performance of their electric vehicles through a secure, cloud-based data platform. Real-time access to data on vehicle speed, distance travelled, location, charge status and energy consumption provides operators with important insights for fleet optimization and cost reduction.

The system is also an important reference for fleet operators worldwide. Especially in fleet operation, optimizations can be identified and, ultimately, thanks to proactive improvements, costs can be significantly reduced. Examples for the operators of electric bus fleets are the optimization of charging cycles for periods in which it is particularly easy to ‘recharge’ or the control of the drivers’ own operations. The greatest potential for savings in electric vehicles is the driver himself, whose behaviour can only be identified by evaluating data. The vehicle intelligence system APEX is now available for this purpose.

Vehicle intelligence system Proterra APEX provides real-time information

“As mobility trends quickly move into a battery electric future, we see a real opportunity to optimize the vehicle and charging process. This will create a deeper connection for our transport customers through new transparency and data analysis,” said Mike Finnern, Proterra Senior. Director, Customer Service. “The Proterra Vehicle Intelligence System APEX provides valuable insights to stakeholders at all levels, including advanced fleet analysis, customizable alerts and real-time information that enable our customers to make a smooth transition to a fully electric future.

Fleet operators monitor performance

The Proterra APEX™ platform enables fleet operators to reduce costs and avoid potential operational delays by monitoring the performance and condition of battery-powered fleets. By accessing performance data and receiving customizable alerts for vehicles and charging systems, customers can minimize risk. This allows informed decisions to be made and ultimately reduces the frequency of on-site visits. Potential problems are solved proactively from a distance. In addition to vehicle analytics, the vehicle intelligence system APEX offers improved charger management with real-time updates on charger activity, current charging status and remote charging capabilities. The data can be retrieved via the APEX Cloud-based portal, downloaded via customer-specific reports or integrated into the customer’s existing intelligent transport systems.

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